This Blog is Changing…


This blog has been a few things in its life. It started as a travel blog, then became a place where I complained about things that annoyed me and geeked out about things I enjoyed, with a side order of book, movie and theatre reviews.

Now it’s going to be a chronicle. I let the cat out of the bag with a few friends and after the 10th person I’d not spoken to in ages asked me “how’s the novel going?” I realised denial was useless. People know I’m trying to become a novelist. So now I’m leaning in to the potential for total, abject, humiliating failure and blogging about my experiences along the way to (hopefully!) getting published some day.

Wish me luck, and I hope you enjoy the blog!





P.s: if any other aspiring writers find themselves here, I’m happy to answer questions, share tips, trade trade secrets or commiserate setbacks. Just get in touch!

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