Schrodinger’s TV Show

I’ve been watching the second season of Fortitude… well, I say “watching”… but I think we need a new word for this show.

This is how it happens.

I’m watching, but nothing seems to be happening. People are coming in and out of frame, lines are being delivered, the music is dramatic, the scenery is imposing. But it feels like we’re not moving. I’m enjoying it, its moody and emotive, but my attention is also wandering. I have one eye on Dennis Quaid and one eye on my phone.

Then BAM

I feel like I’ve missed something… there’s a hole in my understanding, I’ve lost my grip on the plot. Who is this guy? Where are we now? When did that catch fire? I thought that guy was dead?

So, I’ve concluded that Fortitude is a new kind of tv show, a scientific phenomenon. Schrodinger’s tv show. The plot is both alive and dead simultaneously.


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