We Think Therefore We Know

We’ve been on a chilli kick recently (I was going to apologise to Mexico because my secret ingredient is HP Sauce, but then I found out chilli con carne is from Texas so nvm). And the other week I watched episode one of the new MacGyver reboot while simmering up a storm.   

I don’t think it translates. 

For those that haven’t seen it (or haven’t seen The Simpsons, where Marie’s sisters are obsessed with it) the original was an 80’s show about a guy who always has to rig up some diy gadget to get out of some other guy’s secret vault… just imagine Ian Fleming invented Pinterest and you’ll have the gist. 

But the thing is… 21st century people don’t care about a guy who can make a bomb out of a battery and some tinfoil… because we all think we can do that. We think we know everything. And whatever we don’t already know, we’ve got covered with good wifi. Let’s face it… people who carry around miniature computers in the backs of their jeans are hard to impress. 

So, cute as MacGyver might be, its boring to be instructed in how to create a thermite reaction with things we found in a janitors closet… we know Mac… we can Google too. 

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