The Misery Olympics

Don’t get me wrong, I watch a metric ton of formulaic American pulp drama. I’m there for Scandal, I turn up for The Good Wife and Conviction. I tuned in to House and The West Wing. I’ve dipped a toe into GOT and been known to sample Sons of Anarchy, I even road tested The Walking Dead before it jumped the shark and blithely ignored that living humans are a finite resource after the zombie apocalypse. I keep up with Elementary. I’m here for the latest season of Madam Secretary. 

I draw the line at the misery olympics…. Grey’s Anatomy. 

Before there was the Red Wedding, there was George getting dragged by a bus. There was Denny dying on prom night. There was the Lexi-Mark plane crash double sucker punch. 

Who dares believe they are strong enough to face down Shonda Rhymes after all that?

Not. Me. 

There’s a bit of leftover orange peel running America, that’s enough misery to last me a life time. I’m sorry Shonda, but you win. I bow out. I retire, defeated. I just can’t watch April Kepner’s baby die or McDreamy get front-end slammed by a rolling SUV. 

And if you have no idea who any of these people are, or what any of this was about… by all means buy the boxset and find out. But do friends and family a favour and forewarn them because they will walk in on you sobbing uncontrollably, and they will not understand why. 

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