Sorry Steve

SPOILER ALERT – if you watch Line of Duty and haven’t seen the latest episode… READ NO FURTHER on pain of… well, finding out what happens. 

So, Line of Duty, I have always HATED Steve Arnott. Hated him, officious, puckered little snooping jobsworth with a huge sense of his own importance and a bug up about bent coppers while being SO close to the wrong side of the line because he thinks anything goes in the fight to snuff out corruption. Also he was a total jerk about Fleming being ambitious, and then veeeeeeeery smug for someone who only got promoted because his boss is a sexist dinosaur who cares more that he can’t have a pint with Fleming than that Arnott did the horizontal tango with a witness. 

But now he might be dead.

So I take it all back. 

Kudos to Jed Mercurio for pulling off the holy grail of twists: the one where you don’t see it coming at all and then kick yourself black and blue because OF COURSE the wimpy, emasculated husband played by a suspiciously heavy-hitting actor is actually a serial killer… haven’t I been watching these shows for years, how do they still trick me, how!? 

Can he have a better nom de guerre than balaclava man now please?  

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