Turning A Page

So I decided to take the leap and start writing seriously… and I needed a new vibe for that.

Naturally, I nested.

writing corner-4471

This is where I come up with ideas, read, plot story arcs, make notes on first drafts… *cough* take naps.

I know what you’re thinking.

So. Much. Orange.

You’re not wrong.

Even the painters were a bit… suspicious. But when they’d hitched up their overalls and plunged head first into the carrot soup I’d chosen they actually ended up loving it! And so do I! I picked it to be inspiring, uplifting and warming, and it’s worked out even better than I’d hoped. How can you get down in the dumps when you’re living inside a roasted butternut squash!?


Added warm fuzzies… this is me up-cycling an old log into a side table. I’m so hygge right now I’m practically an anthropomorphic cup of hot cocoa 😉

bye for now


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