Prompt #1


All I have for you today is a writing prompt I thought up that I’m hoping to turn into a full-blown piece in a week when I’m not trying to write five whole competition pieces!

It goes as follows:  imagine you are someone untrustworthy or intrinsically lacking credibility/agency in some way…but you’ve seen something of vital importance and need someone to believe you…who might you try and win over? What proof might you try to assemble? What action might you take to try and spread the word? What might happen if you can’t get anyone to listen? And of course, why are you untrustworthy and what have you seen?

If anyone sees this and has a crack at it maybe post your work and pingback at me! I’d love to see it.

Gotta go write about a sentient sex bot, a pickpocket, and a haunted pair of Dr Martens.

Bye for now


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