Ubiquitous Books


I have big news. Huge news. I’m starting a business. Have started it actually, past tense, it is already under way. Which is equal parts terrifying and thrilling. Terrifying because I’m facing about ten different steep learning curves at once. Thrilling for too many reasons to count! I feel like my brain is going to explode… in a good way.

So, the burning question; what does my business do?

We are Ubiquitous Books and we celebrate literature of all kinds. We are an Indie publishing imprint with our first book already for sale on Kindle and in paperback. Check it out here: Unscripted. It’s a fab little romantic comedy about a shy, impulsive girl who pokes her tongue out at a flirty stranger who turns out to be a movie star… and drama ensues! It’s got great female friendships alongside it’s romance, lively characters and strong narrative, from a fresh new writer we’re sure has more up her sleeves.
We will soon also be an online community that aims to bring reading and creative writing together into one holistic, inspirational space where an open-minded approach to publishing allows new and exciting talent to thrive.

We’re launching our website in the next few weeks! There will be writing prompts, and a serialised fortnightly short in what will hopefully grow into a specialised YA section. And, of course, there’ll be news about our upcoming titles.
I’ll let you know when we go live!

I’m also on the look out for great content from contributors.
We will have submission slots for shorts and flash pieces on literary, and book-related themes in any genre.
Articles on the writing experience and life as a writer.
Book reviews, tips on how to make reading a part of your life in the fastest-paced century in human history.
Essentially anything bookish is welcome.
If you have something you’d like to submit do please send it on over to enquiries@ubiquitousbooks.com


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