The Bonds Between Women

via Daily Prompt: Courage


I thought I would post this as the daily prompt of courage popped into my inbox while I was working on this book’s page for our upcoming website, and it seemed too perfect a quirk of fate not to share it with you all here.
The following is an author’s note from our debut publication as it appears exclusively in the book’s Kindle edition, now available from Amazon.


     I wanted to slip a little note from me to you between these pages, to talk a bit about why I wrote this book.

When I finished the book and began querying it, I was told a central challenge of sexual harassment faced by its main character was too openly predatory and was therefore unrealistic. Recent disclosures regarding men in Hollywood have made me wish, desperately wish, that this were indeed the case. And yet, the women coming forward with their experiences each display such courage and strength in speaking up, and together show such serenity in their loving support for one another, that not even the might of an industry long entrenched and defiant in its ways could stand unchanged before them.

This book didn’t begin in strength and courage for me, however. Its first words were put down at a tough time in my own life. My body had betrayed me and I was adjusting to new physical weakness right when other people my age were taking their first steps toward shining independent futures. I lost my pride, I lost my confidence, I lost my courage.

My girlfriends supported me and cheered me on when I couldn’t do it for myself, they reminded me that I could when I thought I couldn’t. My mother never wavered in her belief in me. Now that’s it’s written, they all remind me that I’m allowed to be proud of myself. It’s a whole book that didn’t exist before and I’m allowed to pat myself on the back, something women so often deny themselves.

And so, a book that celebrates the power of bonds between women. While it has its traditional romance, that wouldn’t be possible without the relationships between its female characters. If the romance is the heart of the novel the female friendships are its bones, the skeleton that holds the whole thing together.

Historically, society has pitted us against each other, forced us to compete for male attention as our only means of security. Those times are ending. United, we are a force like no other in modern civilisation and we’re changing everything.


I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. Going on this journey with Andi lit a spark of courage and self-love in me that I can only cross all my fingers finds its way through the words to you, who now reads them.

All my love,

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