About Me


Welcome to my writing blog… which used to be a travel blog, and was briefly a food blog I think (and will probably sometimes still be both those things if I happen across a good cocktail recipe, bake a pie from scratch or go somewhere exciting)

So that’s lil ol’ me. Nice to meet you.

I figure if you’ve swung by the About Me you want to know what to expect from this site?Well… I like afternoon tea, as you’ve probably noticed, so there will more than likely be the odd tea review – that’s the Royal Opera House in London btw; highly recommend theirs, especially if you can get a voucher online like we did 😉 – tv/film and book opinions, the odd bit of creative writing if I’m brave enough, and some tit bits on my experiences with being an author.

I also have an invisible illness… cfs/me to be specific. I don’t talk about it much but if I trip and fall splat over something that makes me feel like a functional human for a hot minute I’ll probably share that too.

There will almost 100% be pictures of my dog 🙂

Enjoy the ride!

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